Build, Share and Monitor Reviews

Managing reviews can be hard. We help ease the pain of handling reviews, so you can grow your business.

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Simple pricing


Simple pricing that covers all your needs. This pricing includes all the features we offer.

Simple pricing
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- Build review tool
- Share review tool
- Monitor review tool

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How it works?

How do we help you build reviews? See our features explained below.

Build reviews

Build Reviews

Requesting reviews from your existing customers can be awkward.

Using our platform, you can request reviews by sending an url or a custom generated email and we would make sure that the good reviews get pushed to your favorite review medium.

Share reviews

Share Reviews

You are talking to a prospective customer and you want to showcase your existing customer reviews.

Use our tool to share your existing review as a single page with your customers.

Monitor reviews

Monitor Reviews

Want to stay on top of your reviews from different mediums? Want alerts for new reviews.

Using our platform, you can monitor and get alerts when you get a review on different mediums.

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